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We are pleased to announce the date for the first set of casting sessions / auditions for our first short film – ‘Resolution’  written by Nathan Loynes & Neil Kemp – a gritty & artistic , talking head poetic mood piece set to narrative vignettes based around the themes of child separation and parental alienation.

With Loynes & Kemp set to direct, preliminary shooting will take over the early period of 2018. We will be entering this short into assorted film festivals across the circuit including Cannes, London, and the Edinburgh film festival. This piece is a scene setter, a pre-cursor to a much bigger project in the pipeline dealing with the same issues and themes.

This is a low budget independent production therefore we are seeking actors who have a real feeling for the subject matter and script (available on request), and would be willing to work on a lo/no basis with expenses covered. Experienced and non-experienced actors are encouraged to apply. Depending on the success of production and actors performance they may be considered for the larger project.

On 7th October 2017 12pm – 5pm we will be auditioning in the VIP lounge @ Fibre bar 168 Lower Briggate, Leeds LS1 6LY.

Casting Brief:

KAIROS – Youthful looking mixed race (african / caucasian)  teenage female to portray a strong 15 / 16 / 17 year old. Streetwise, larger than life, bubbly personality, life & soul of the party, a social chameleon. Strong northern accent needed.

FATHER – A rugged looking 40 something man of African origin. Physically fit, cool, but can be edgy when put under pressure. Strong northern accent needed.

MOTHER – 40 something white british female with a strong northern accent. She has a busy way about her, has worked hard all her life.

KAIROS at 5 years old – mixed race child aged 5-8 to be able to pass for a 5 year old version of Kairos.

8 menacing young people of different races, aged 15-20. Urban clothing.

MOTHER’s NEW BOYFRIEND – early 30s white male, disappointed with life, intense and unpredictable.

If you are interested in any of these roles and would like to book an audition slot, please send us an email with a biog about yourself, your interest in which role, any work experience links, photographs (head and body shots), and leave us with a smart insight into your character.


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  • Nathan jackson says:

    Hi my name is Nathan jackson from Leeds, I’m an actor with ipm casting and interested in your project if you can send me so more info would be great, one of my friends Gary Grayson has applied also, he let me know about the project

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