Crucial to a well-rounded digital strategy, a short film engages people through a creative mix of sights, sounds, animation and branding that can tell your story online and across social media. Whether it’s a live action event, music video, TV / online commercial, documentary or short film, 432’s highly experienced team provide a fully equipped creative service to deliver a product that will surpass your original vision. We’ll turn our hands to any sized job – small one-man shoots, larger multi camera operations, live streaming, 360 degree filming, and aerial drone filming.



Every picture tells a story. It tells us what is important to us, it moves us in ways that words can’t, allows us to share and communicate, and we believe that one image has the power to transcend space and time. Whether it’s a small intimate gathering, a studio fashion shoot, or a large-scale festival, it’s our goal to create spectacular imagery for our clients and 432 will represent your vision truthfully and attractively, creating those moments that can easily be forgotten in the blink of an eye.



It’s easy to think of film making as a visual medium, but it’s not entirely, or even largely based on that.  Sound is integral to our understanding of the way the world works, it’s the the secret emotional messenger that brings a story to life for an audience – the haunting wind, a thumping heartbeat, an uplifting orchestral movement, and sound design / music scoring is one of the most important ways we can do that.

“I feel that sound is half the experience,” – George Lucas


432 work with a team of industry experienced music producer / scorers including AiAi Productions who specialise on feature films & prime time network TV shows, and two Grammy nominated artists – Paul Roberts & Russell Morgan – K-Klass – with several top 3 UK chart singles in their portfolio.



Animation is fast becoming the easiest way to get your story across. It grabs the attention, sticks in the memory and makes complicated ideas easier to understand. Using humour, visual metaphors and abstract concepts, animation can go where a live action camera can’t, create something that doesn’t exist, present research material in a dynamic way, sell goods & services, and put over sensitive subjects in a non-threatening and age appropriate way. But above all it can make you laugh!

Our team have worked with clients including Adidas, Asda, 888 Sport, Polaroid and the NHS – utilising motion graphics, 2D / 3D and character animation VFX to produce a wide variety of stunning work.

432 process.

01. Discover

Telling your story means we need to hear it told. We need to spend time with you, get to know you, listen to you and understand who you are and what you stand for. The further we travel down the rabbit hole the more magic we can find along the way. And that’s the secret to crafting a film that’s authentic and compelling.

432 process.

02. Develop

Storyboarding, soundscaping, visual treatments and crystalline copy all need to pour out of your brand values. They need to articulate the big idea in a way that resonates and reverberates in the beating heart of your target audience. We work closely with your team to align the story with the strategy so the messages sing and sound out effortlessly through the script.

432 process.

03. Deliver

Receiving a beautifully put together piece of film, on time and on budget, is a proud moment. But it doesn’t end there. We kit you out with an innovative platform that has all the tools you need to manage, share, measure, enhance and expand the reach, recall and experience of your video. Giving you hosting, communication, marketing and insight in one central location.


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